27 December, 2014

New and old blog love

So.....I kinda sorta lost my mojo there for a bit - and I have no excuse other than I was just too damn busy this year to keep up with this blog. Hahahaha not like I was ever really consistent anyway!

I'm going to try something new....go and peep the new blog yo!!

Aaaaand I will try and be a little more regular on here too, gosh so many sign-ins and passwords #icanteven

Love you long time

25 September, 2014

Beach, birds & the Korean

Random early evening Friday drive to the beach with Mr. Library (aka The Korean).

Took a much needed time out from assignments and went chasing sunsets. Turns out the sunset was pretty average but the company was good and the break was just what I needed to clear my head.

The drive back was a full on kpop battle - I was at an obvious disadvantage but secretly I think I killed it! aaaaand I had Carl's Jr. for the first time - Philly cheese steak = hells yes!!

Have a two week "break" (still have assignments) coming up and after all the sickness I've had I'm gonna need it! Two more months and I'll be done! Shiiit time flies...and I've been back in NZ for just over 1 year - I can't believe it!


03 September, 2014

Library life...

Shir is getting real...assignments up to my armpits and bags the size of Africa under my eyes.

This is my life...living in the library. Like of it was open 24 hours I'd totes be there with my sleeping bag.

31 July, 2014

Pintrest Lately

Back into the swing on things at uni, and still extremely slack on the blog front. #soznotsoz

Excitedly waiting for my online shopping to arrive from 'Muuuurica and my lovely Sugar Foot Myia. In desperate need of a fashion update, and NZ fashion is far too uninspiring, spennies and everyone has the same shit.

Do you notice a theme?! Denim. Also loving the pop of yellow, and the casual yet still dressy vibe. 

On the look out for the perfect pair of ripped jeans and a yellow skirt. 


24 June, 2014

Half way!

Officially half way through my grad year and my journey to being a primary school teacher (haha insert ironic teacher hashtag here!).

So far this year my life has been consumed with late night sessions in the library, not having a life, study, going to class, studying some more, spending all weekend in the library from open to close, going to the gym when I can, trying to eat well, making my lunch every day, going away for the weekend and studying the whole time, oh and did I mention study?!

Hard work pays off. I've finished this semester with A's in all my papers including maths! I know right?! Maths! It has taken me a degree in sports, a post grad degree in sport management, a couple of years of mind numbing admin work, four years teaching English in Japan and then a stint of unemployment to get here and I now know that this is what I'm supposed to be doing! #growingup shiiit I must be getting old.

Now excuse me while I spend the next two weeks of mid-year break doing absolutely nothing but watching TV, reading for pleasure, drinking coffee and sleeping in until 9am! #letthegoodtimesroll

Makeup by sunrise...the small joys of Winter - i'm up early enough to see the sunrise!

Sunset on the drive home - time for a rest and a sleep in!

24 May, 2014

Pintrest pining

With the reality of becoming a 'real' teacher fast approaching, and because I am actually teaching in school atm, my teach fashion needs some inspiration. If my teacher style game was a sports team i'd be hashtagging it on facebook and insty #getup .

So much of the last month has been late nights/early mornings (subtle Marsha Ambrosius reference) in the library getting assignments done, I have had no time to do much more than study, eat, drink coffee and sleep. So now that I am in school and not at university I have had a little bit more down time, and have been pintresting up a storm re. teacher fashion inspiration. 

My Japan teacher wardrobe was constrained by what was deemed appropriate by the BOE, what I could find that could fit me and the drastic season changes. Now that i'm back in NZ I have more options (although I am still buying online from America...) and less money! #thelifeofastudent

Here's some of my latest inspiration..

12 March, 2014


Lots and lots happening..uni is crazy busy & I don't remember at time when I was this busy for this long! Better get used to it coz I've got 9 more months to go..and it's only gonna get busier!
Currently looking for ways to get rid of the massive bags that have formed under my eyes.
I have a to do list as long as a piece of string that gets longer by the day which includes cleaning the house, dying my hair, calling the physio,  send easter packages...
I'm really surprised at the lack if photos, I usually am soap happy but going back through my Instagram and the gallery on my phone I just realized I haven't been on my pic snapping game!! Here's a few pics from the last few months!

Top left: homemade scones and jam with vintage tea plates and bone handled knives. #sodomesticbabes
Top right: School holiday temporary tattoo fun #zap
Bottom left: Sunsets over PaknSave Palmy.
Bottom middle: Homage to Japan and my former life.
Bottom right: Great eyebrows and pink lipped selfie in the car.