11 November, 2010

Fresh starts...like freshly cut grass

Aparently starting over is easy, so let's try..

Before I get all deep and philosophical on yo ass, this is me and here's some things I like...

the beach, Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue, fresh flowers in my house, reading a really good book, taking a bath with nice bath salts, blue powerade, smelling my perfume in the wind when I walk outside, the food network channel, Chuck Taylors, drinking tea, listening to homegrown music while cleaning, lying with my legs in the sun, doing the hula, watermelon, finding the best presents for people, singing really loud while I drive, Nike Shox, lindt dark chocolate, funny movies and TV shows, playing Wii, the ariport, gossip magazines, getting the best bargins, freshly washed sheets (and towels), Body Jam (and Combat), making homemade cards and invitations, decorating cakes, making cocktails, comfy home pants, getting things just right, knitting, high heels, big earrings, soy lattes, being a barista, cutting things out of magazines, recipe books, making lists, grocery shopping, eating out, reading magazines in bed on Sunday morning, watching basketball, coke zero, the colour purple, flowers in my hair, 0.5mm pens, green highlighters, having the afternoon off work, Iron Chef American…oh yeah and SHOES.

Until next time..

Tiffany hearts and Bear (Grylls) hugs.


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