26 February, 2012


Ever so slowly is the weather starting to warm up (& there I went jinxing it) i.e. I'm not waking up freezing to death with icicles hanging from my nose (ok that never happened but close) and for the first time since November I left my puffy jacket at home.

I know I'll be moaning my ass off when summer gets here and I'll be sweating all over the show but Spring is around the corner and I'm excited u can finally wear these sandals I got in NZ @ xmas.


25 February, 2012

Warm fuzzies?

I was supposed to craft today, well that was my plan. Turned out I didn't. I've realized I need to get up a little earlier on the weekend, even though I didn't craft I was quite productive.

Watched my students do a taiko performance, sushi lunched with T-boo boo, shopped a little (found lots of inspiring crafty things) bathed in a delish bath bomb from lush and found some fun new blogs to read.

I'm now tucked up on the couch with a runny/blocked right nostril, lump in my neck (lymph node?!), sore throat and am semi buzzed from one can of umeshu.

This week has been good. It's put a lot of things into perspective and made me focus more on me and what I need/want, as well as what's good for me.

I've enjoyed (actually I'm still a little undecided on this...I'd like to think that I am...) spending time alone. It's given me time to think about a whole lot of things and made me wake up to a few realities.

As much as I have enjoyed (or have I?) spending alone time, I always enjoy spending time with my lovelies. Dinner with LL and MM (seriously those are both their initials!) was lovely and I heart them. Aaaand I got xmas goodies from LL's xmas visit to England (see pic!) How lucky am I? I got English presents from LL and Korean presents from MM! WIN!

Oh, and side note- I've been domestic goddessing like a bawse this week.

New mission? Find a new boy.

Change is a good thing. It can bring pleasant unexpected surprises...like a new karaoke song!

midweek starbucks (& Japanese lesson)
my students performing Taiko
dinner with LL & MM
the cutest gift (amongst chocolate treats) from LL #thankyou
just coz. i feel sexy biarches.
lush bath bomb aptly named sexy dynamite. see above sexy leg pic.
supposed crafty..

Always wanting more, he'll leave you longing for..♪

19 February, 2012

Sunday 青い

Feeling a little disjointed this weekend.

Enjoying the small things..(& I just realized I have an unhealthy obsession with scarves..)

Love goes BOOM vol. II

It's probably not a good idea to get drunk and send abusive messages on valentines day.

Buying things for yourself is ALWAYS a good idea.

Compliments from another drunk friend were the best thing I could have heard. Thank you.

Remembering you are special and worth so much more than what's currently on offer is not always easy to do, but so important.

Love yourself first. If you can't love yourself, how can you expect someone else to love you?

Peace & love.

07 February, 2012

Black nails & pink macaroons!

Feel a bit blazè today. Not sure why, maybe it's the gloomy weather? Even though I'm embracing the rain because it's warmer than snow. I tried to pretty girl rock this morning (even put on a shiny skirt) but wasn't super feeling it. Maybe it's today's eyelashes (or lack thereof).

Keeping it positive & happy is my goal for today and this week.

I choose how I feel and I need to remember that I can't change or control what others think or do but I can change how I react and deal with them.

Black nails with a surprise of turquoise and a pink macaroon.

05 February, 2012

Doing the pretty girl rock

Yesterday was a beautiful Spring day...even though it's the middle of Winter. It was sunny, the sky was blue & dare I say even a little warm.

Something about yesterday made me get out of bed feeling pretty & doing the pretty girl rock!

I had a whole bunch of errands to do before heading out to Big J's house for Mexican. So I did my hair, put my face on and even stuck on eyelashes.

I pretty girl rocked my way to the coin laundry, around the supermarket looking for avocados (& got several look backs from a cute guy...who was with his gf), got last minute supplies from the 100 yen store before coming home and getting my domestic goddess on.

Yesterday was good, happy, positive & pretty. Do what makes you happy and feel pretty...even if it is only to run errands.

Keri Hilson knows what's up! I love her Diana Ross and those eyelashes...giiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiirrrrlll!

Poice & Pretty.

02 February, 2012

Snow bunnied like a bawse

So we went snow boarding on the weekend...my first time since I've been in Japan.

Surprised that I could actually still do it reasonably well and even though I had some massive spills I still managed to look like a bawse in front of the boy.

I've also decided that when I get really good and don't fall over as much I'm gonna be a complete bunny (like the ladies I saw on the mountain) with big fake eyelashes, long hair all out and a super cute outfit. For reals.

Boarded like a bawse, naked onsen & okonomiyaki. Oh and I got to drive the truck. Like a bawse!

Happiness in the form of a hot bath on a cold morning

Today I woke up at my alarm to turn the heater on. I usually turn the heater on and then sleep for another hour before I actually get up.

This morning I woke up (after a particularly horrible dream about some parasitic fish things in a swimming pool...not important but so horrifying!) to turn the heater on, then then smuggled back down in my blankets but sleep eluded me (I was surprised too, I hate mornings..especially cold ones!). Anyway, I decided I would run a bath instead of having a shower. Best idea ever.

I even had time to "do" my hair, take my time putting on my makeup and getting dressed AND make a smoothie to drink while watching an episode of the middle. I never have time for breakfast...let alone time to turn on the computer and watch something! Feels good!

Today has started out right. I'm happy, positive and looking forward to things to come.

Running tonight with Ken for the first time. This plus size Barbie is gonna がんばろう!!

Poice & Nike Shox