24 June, 2014

Half way!

Officially half way through my grad year and my journey to being a primary school teacher (haha insert ironic teacher hashtag here!).

So far this year my life has been consumed with late night sessions in the library, not having a life, study, going to class, studying some more, spending all weekend in the library from open to close, going to the gym when I can, trying to eat well, making my lunch every day, going away for the weekend and studying the whole time, oh and did I mention study?!

Hard work pays off. I've finished this semester with A's in all my papers including maths! I know right?! Maths! It has taken me a degree in sports, a post grad degree in sport management, a couple of years of mind numbing admin work, four years teaching English in Japan and then a stint of unemployment to get here and I now know that this is what I'm supposed to be doing! #growingup shiiit I must be getting old.

Now excuse me while I spend the next two weeks of mid-year break doing absolutely nothing but watching TV, reading for pleasure, drinking coffee and sleeping in until 9am! #letthegoodtimesroll

Makeup by sunrise...the small joys of Winter - i'm up early enough to see the sunrise!

Sunset on the drive home - time for a rest and a sleep in!