26 March, 2013

Happiness is...

Happiness is found in appreciating the small things.

Small things can make a big impact.  Just as the small things can set us off after a long hard day, get us at the right time or for no apparent reason at all – they can also do a world of good, make someone’s (or your own) day, encourage smiles, make you feel good and a whole bunch of other warm fuzzies.

Learning to see the good in everything - the silver lining if you will (and hey everyone loves a bit of silver!), sometimes is a challenge. It pushes you to think outside your comfort zone. It a process that takes patience and learning. It is achievable and the outcome is a happier more positive you. What could be better than that? And sometimes it’s not just seeing the good within the ‘bad’, but learning to be grateful for all the wonderful things that surround us every day.

My happiness this week
  •  Is found in a mug full of peach and green tea.
  • Pretty painted nails
  • Wearing things that make me smile (regardless of what others think) – my gold moustache necklace and my big gold resin bangle.
  • Waking up to “Good Morning!!!!!” messages from TM. Although they are becoming few and far between – when I get them, I appreciate them that much more!
  •  Planning out my last few months in Japan (although I’m fretting over money) and thinking of all the fun things I’m going to do.
  • Being OCD about my pens and how neat my study book is!
  • My cute Harajuku Mini pencil tin from Sugar Foot. I absolutely love it and its ability to house my OCD pens!
  • The warmer days. Spring and the cherry blossoms are almost here!
  •  My new found love for the colour pink.
  • Challenging myself to do things outside my comfort zone – planning days to go hiking up mountains and mammoth bike rides!
  •  Relaxing and being cozy in bed watching all my favourite shows.
  • Moving my bed back to its non-winter position under the window! 

03 March, 2013


Saying goodbye is never easy.

I had my last classes with my favorite 3rd graders (3rd year Junior High) and I can't believe how emotional I feel about it. I've taught these kids for the last four years and within this last year I've really gotten to know and love them - even with the language barrier.

I didn't realize how much of an impact these kids have had on me and my time in Japan. I'm so happy that they are graduating on going on to high school, but i'm extremely sad that they won't be at my school anymore to greet me with all the slag I taught them, talk smack, joke about everything under the sun, rag on other teachers, shower me with compliments to get stickers, make me smile with their smiles and laughter and their enthusiasm in my classes

We had such fun in our last classes together, it almost made it harder to say goodbye. Hands down they were the most fun we've had all year.

Oh my heart!!

Hearts and kisses