11 January, 2014

It's the new year already?!

I can't believe it's the 2014 already...shit these last 5 months have gone super fast and yet painfully slow at the same time. 

2013 ended as undramatic as 2014 started. Christmas came and went with a flurry of homemade jam, limoncello and DIY body scrubs and hair treatments courtesy of Pintrest, turkey, pumpkin pie and cider and I rang in the new year in bed farewelling the year with tears - haha ok so maybe I was a little dramatic, but in my defense I had just watched The Butler and that is one emotional movie! Sad to leave behind all that was 2013 - the ups and the downs, the loves, and drama and one of the the hardest decisions I've had to make - leaving Japan and returning to NZ. 

I must be getting old coz I was rather happy to stay home on New Years, mow the lawns, have a couple of ciders and go to bed and watch movies - no raging for me (haha this also could be due to the fact that I have NO money!).

This isn't going to be a resolutions post, coz I never make resolutions it's soooo cheesy, I mean who even follows them anyway. Y'all cray! I am however, going to set monthly personal challenges starting in Feb, once I get through this month and sort out all the needs sorting...and believe there is a LOT that needs sorting! I will try and get back into the blog on the regular though. Soz about the neglect.

I've got one more week and a bit left of freedom before I officially become a "mature", broke student! Long term benefits, bigger picture blah blah blah!

Blog overhaul and update coming soooooooon.