24 May, 2014

Pintrest pining

With the reality of becoming a 'real' teacher fast approaching, and because I am actually teaching in school atm, my teach fashion needs some inspiration. If my teacher style game was a sports team i'd be hashtagging it on facebook and insty #getup .

So much of the last month has been late nights/early mornings (subtle Marsha Ambrosius reference) in the library getting assignments done, I have had no time to do much more than study, eat, drink coffee and sleep. So now that I am in school and not at university I have had a little bit more down time, and have been pintresting up a storm re. teacher fashion inspiration. 

My Japan teacher wardrobe was constrained by what was deemed appropriate by the BOE, what I could find that could fit me and the drastic season changes. Now that i'm back in NZ I have more options (although I am still buying online from America...) and less money! #thelifeofastudent

Here's some of my latest inspiration..