12 March, 2014


Lots and lots happening..uni is crazy busy & I don't remember at time when I was this busy for this long! Better get used to it coz I've got 9 more months to go..and it's only gonna get busier!
Currently looking for ways to get rid of the massive bags that have formed under my eyes.
I have a to do list as long as a piece of string that gets longer by the day which includes cleaning the house, dying my hair, calling the physio,  send easter packages...
I'm really surprised at the lack if photos, I usually am soap happy but going back through my Instagram and the gallery on my phone I just realized I haven't been on my pic snapping game!! Here's a few pics from the last few months!

Top left: homemade scones and jam with vintage tea plates and bone handled knives. #sodomesticbabes
Top right: School holiday temporary tattoo fun #zap
Bottom left: Sunsets over PaknSave Palmy.
Bottom middle: Homage to Japan and my former life.
Bottom right: Great eyebrows and pink lipped selfie in the car.