25 May, 2012

M.I.A again!

I've been missing in action again!

Gotta sort it out..gosh I'm constantly playing catch up.

Friday favorites:
- Spring weather...it's pleasantly warm during the day and nice at night. Please stay like this forever.
- Prince of Wales tea. The best kind of tea since forever. Actually I lie..the best tea I've had was at Gerrys house and it was Paris breakfast. But Prince of Wales is a close second.
- Having a free afternoon to enjoy and go get coffee.
- Waking up in the morning feeling pretty good after getting some body & posture work done. Practicing my butt exercises as I type!

Seeing Musiq Soulchild live in Osaka, catching up with Sayo who was back from Tokyo, playing Touch Rugby in Tokushima, eating delish ramen, baking amazingly good cupcakes, acting in a friends short film, eating pizza and drinking chu-his at the beach & playing sunset poses, staying out till 5am and taking drunk purikura, getting koto lessons & trying not to break my knees!


11 May, 2012

お花見 round dois

Random hanami on a Sunday afternoon. The blossoms were in full bloom and they were super pretty...hence the mass load of pics.

A week later all the blossoms are gone and the new buds and leaves are out.

Fleeting beauty. Be grateful for everyday.