22 January, 2012

Lazy Sunday

Ok I'm back on it!

I wrote this post last week but my computer was actin' a fool and wouldn't let me upload pics...so now I'm playing catch up.

Sometimes it's nice to be able to stay in bed until lunch time (or longer) and do nothing but catch up on TV, play fruit ninja and flick through magazines.

This weekend I have effectively done just that. Both days. I feel slightly guilty for not being more productive, but I did manage to clean my house...sort out my wardrobe and get rid of clothes I haven't worn in a while, do about 6 loads of laundry and take them to the dryers, visit a friend I haven't seen an a few months and pick up a snowboard from him for next weekend, catch up on the news back home via skype, cook a delicious butter chicken pie and take delicious baths with my wonderful new bath bombs from lush.

I know I promised more fashion-ey posts but this week i've been so busy with work in the city I didn't have time to take any pics (although my outfits were totally blog worthy!). I also got a littlebit behind on my domestic goddess-ness this week...but with a new hair cut and colour I'm back on it!

A few pics from the last few weeks...

14 January, 2012

This is a resolution!

This year is going be great! I just know it! I can already feel all the greatness that it will contain...although I have no idea what that greatness is, I just know it's out there waiting for me to experience it!

I'm going to get it together on this blog this year! I keep saying it, I know but it will be a way for me to keep up with the resolutions for the year.

I never make resolutions because I never stick to them, like most people. So I figure if I make some, I might as well try this year. As long as they are not too far fetched and SMART (simple, measurable, achievable, realistic and there is a time frame!) look at me using something from my years of sports study! YAY go me!

So this year I'm going to...

  • become more of a domestic goddess. Cook at home more, and be creative even if I'm only cooking for me! Be more organised at home and at school. Keep on top of housework and commitments and everything!!
  • be more forgiving and less angry! Remembering to not take things too seriously and to breath..and then remove myself from situations that make me angry and upset, asses why and then deal with it.
  • open my heart. That's the only why I'm going to find (and get!) what I want. Or not. But if it's not open then I'll never know.
  • get back into exercise BIG time.
  • loose some weight, dammit!
  • get in control of my finances, and not just talk about it, but actual do it!
  • be kinder to myself. Stop comparing myself to others, or putting myself down. Learn how to appreciate who I am now, what I have now and not what I want to be or might be if I looked different or weighed less.
  • have more confidence. Believe in myself or pretend I do when I don't.
  • remember that what I portray is what I get back.
  • Finally start posting some fashion-y posts!
That's a bit of a list but I'm really going to work at it this year, coz like I said this year is gonna be great!

A few holiday pics