25 September, 2014

Beach, birds & the Korean

Random early evening Friday drive to the beach with Mr. Library (aka The Korean).

Took a much needed time out from assignments and went chasing sunsets. Turns out the sunset was pretty average but the company was good and the break was just what I needed to clear my head.

The drive back was a full on kpop battle - I was at an obvious disadvantage but secretly I think I killed it! aaaaand I had Carl's Jr. for the first time - Philly cheese steak = hells yes!!

Have a two week "break" (still have assignments) coming up and after all the sickness I've had I'm gonna need it! Two more months and I'll be done! Shiiit time flies...and I've been back in NZ for just over 1 year - I can't believe it!


03 September, 2014

Library life...

Shir is getting real...assignments up to my armpits and bags the size of Africa under my eyes.

This is my life...living in the library. Like of it was open 24 hours I'd totes be there with my sleeping bag.