19 April, 2012

Kobe Catchups

Went to Kobe a few weekends ago for Springrove.

Was mildly excited (only mildly because I didn't really know any of the bands except LMFAO, and I wasn't too fussed about them) however it was great! LMFAO can put on a show - hot diggity! And Japanese bitches be crazy! Pushing, shoving & almost punches...a drastic change from the polite, respectful and quiet girls at the Ne-Yo concert!

Aaaaand I have a new obsession with a Korean boy band, BIGBANG. I had never heard of them before seeing them at the concert (they were the headliners - ahead if LMFAO!) and they were awesome! Just what a boy band should be, great songs sung by cute guys who can dance!

Now I know why my friends are obsessed with Korea!


15 April, 2012

Cherry Blossoms さくら

Spring has finally arrived in Japan, and with it comes sakura (or cherry blossoms). Thank Hey-zues for the warmer weather! I'm wearing sandals now!! You have no idea how exciting that is. I also thought it was time to turn off the heated toilet seat..turns out it wasn't!

Sakura blooms are fleeting...they only stay out for a few weeks at most before the petals start falling leaving the branches bare and ready for the new leaves to bud.

This is my new philosophy...starting new with Spring...and with the falling of the petals so to will I be "dropping" any unnecessary baggage, thoughts, things & anything else unwanted that takes up precious space in my life and making way for the new leaves.

Clear eyes, open heart. Can't lose.


08 April, 2012

A Spring Saturday

Spent Saturday in the city with friends eating delicious food in an equally amahzing loft style cafe named after how many chairs they have (44 to be exact), ate a ridiculously sized gelato (got stared at and talked about - yes, I can understand a decent amount of Japanese creepy guys in suits and then harassed/asked if I needed any help...awesome bro you speak English..I'm good, I speak a pretty decent amount of 日本語, especially ordering ice-cream thank you - read: stay away from me creep) & drank Starbucks on the train home.


07 April, 2012

ますぐ。Buh-bye curls.

So I'm back with the straight hair now. I kinda enjoyed the curls but after a few too many days where I couldn't control what they were doing and didn't like how they were looking so I gave in to the straighteners.

I'll give it another go closer to summer, when the humidity doesn't let me do anything else!!


04 April, 2012

プリクラ play time!

Just purikura from our weekend away in Kobe.

Today's fashion what's up?!


Whipping my hair back and forth..

Latest curly hair adventures...

Was super crazy and unruly yesterday, so after watching a YouTube video on how to do a milkmaid braid I attempted to do it on myself before heading to the gym...kinda worked..


03 April, 2012

A Tokyo 東京 quickie

A little less than 24 hours in Tokyo for the welcome reception for the New Zealand 7's rugby team for the Tokyo 7's.

A little shopping in Shibuya, practice, performance, eating NZ food & drinking NZ wine...oh how I've missed NZ wine, sleepover in Saitama then back to Hiroshima.

Back to Tokyo in 3 days!


02 April, 2012

Weekend happens

A few weekends ago we said さようなら to our oldest and most loyal Shiphead member Nori, who's heading to the greener pastures of Yokohama for work.

It was also LL's birthday, so we had ramen and a delish chocolate cake!

Aaaaand I went day tripping in the islands of the inland sea with Swan Ronson & Abed (I'm Troy...FYI). We were all hungover and after a Starbucks breakfast we headed to a hidden French cafe for lunch (where I had the best berry soda juice ever!) and then went driving around the islands to see the beach.

Busy weekend!!

Spring is here, the cherry blossoms are on their way and with that brings new beginnings!


01 April, 2012

Day 四

So, I'm on day four of nothing but curly hair.

Still getting used to it but it's not so bad. I need to try some new styles or something coz I can see this getting boring quick.

My GHD has stayed unplugged for the last four days too, I feel free! I didn't even take it with me for the weekend away!

I'm trying for one week. がんばります。