25 May, 2011

Finally it's happened to me, right in front of my face...

yay! finally an outfit post. and who would have thought two posts in one day! wow i'm on a roll...rolling on the river perhaps or surfing on the interweb.

i wore this outfit a while ago for a night out, i didn't get any full length pics on the actual night - there were enough pics however of everything but the outfit.

so this pic was the test run i sent to a friend to get the nod of approval.

black dress from glassons, red tights from farmers,
black cardi from glassons, black silk floral pumps #1 shoes
hat from japanese store.
a collection of pics from the night that was.fun.drunk.red. hat sharing. pic taking. facebook raping- toilet attacking.

peace and red riding tights.

come back to the world...

well it's more like welcome to my world, but the Tevin Campbell song was way cooler.

a series of looks into things in my life.

my desk at school
it usually has paper and cut outs all over it, coz i'm always making things for my classroom or for students. but today was pretty tame as i am only here for 1 whole day this week. i always have water at my desk and in the fridge - other teachers think it's strange, sorry i don't like drinking wheatbix juice (ocha). i always have coffee too. in my cute cup.  my pencil case is fun, and i had one student copy me and buy one. it holds everything, including my green highlighters and 0.5mm pens.

my drawer
i can't resist cute stationary, and i live in the land of the cute so all the better for me! i love post-its too. berocca is essential, but i'm rationing now - my supply is dwindling. coffee is always in my draw and stickers for my kids and lots of pens and markers.

my handbag yo.
my cute forever 21 wallet i got from a friend for my birthday. love it. it's so me - green and purple with sequins. books for reading on the train or when i am super bored - obviously Marian Keyes right now. ointment for mosquito bites..summer is on the way and i will be eaten alive. my cute pasifika pouch (another birthday present which i love) filled with lipbalm and gloss, and a wee mirror (xmas present, again i love!). i'm always all over the place going from school to school so coffee sachets are a must. camera (which i haven't used since xmas) dolce and gabana light blue. clinique face refresher. migraine pills (prone like a mother). "imported" tampons in a cute tin. my new obsession body moisturiser i brought on base. sunglasses. earphones that plug into my iphone, you can't see it coz it's never in my bag. it's always in my hand.

peace and presents.

24 May, 2011

whips and chains excite me..

stress-city. so much to do, ample time but procrastination gets in the way.

on a learning curve, learning about me, others, actions and reactions. still getting the hang of it and the training wheels are still on, but will hopefully come off soon.

chilling out to Rihannas S&M (which is my new karaoke song - i was a karaoke hog last weekend, a first!).

rice field reflections
i'm also watching the office and wondering why i haven't worked in an office with Dwight and Jim. i have actual LOL's every episode. almost as good as modern family, but you know i love me some modern family!

peace and chains 

05 May, 2011

baby i'm back.

i'm back...well almost.

re-thinking my blog purpose and in need of an overhaul (the blog not me - well maybe me too).

so, changes ahoy- with a wooden leg and parrot on my shoulder.

in the mean time, some things i'm looking forward to..
  • the warmer weather, finally it's not freezing like all the diggity time, and i can paint my toenails different colours and wear sandals and jandels
  • finishing my week and half of holidays relaxing in and around home
  • having more curly hair days in preparation for summer when i can't straighten it anymore
  • enjoying the last few weeks (dare i say months) of my hair staying straight after i straighten it
  • watching copious amounts of tv
  • reading all 90 of the magazines i brought when i was on base
  • playing touch in the late spring sun and getting my black (ok very red and perhaps slightly tan) on
  • summer beer, cocktails in a can and the beach
  • wearing my new H&M purchases.
i'm on a 90's (early 00's) female R&B nostalgia buzz right now, feasting my ears on these...

Lauren Hill - Sweetest thing
Shola Ama - Need somebody
Brandy - I wanna be down
TLC - Diggin on you
Taiana Ali - Knock me out
Blaque - 808
Tamia - Officially missing you
Aaliyah - Rock the boat
Destinys Child - Say my name
Mariah Carey - Dreamlover
SWV- Right here (human nature)

peace and 90's hair.