22 January, 2011

weekend thing..

thank heeey-zues it's the weekend.

I've been thrown back into this les miserables winter from a glorious 3 weeks in a fantastic southern hemisphere summer...depression much?! I kid, but I did have a pretty "exciting" first week back...crashed my car - well slid on some ice into a ditch at 1am, fell over in the convenience store and pulled a muscle in my quads and just it's so damn cold! But I'm not going to moan to much...coz it's the weekend and I intend to have some fun tonight.

So to get me and maybe you in the mood these are a collection of shots (not the kind you drink) from my fantastic summer holiday....and maybe my new hair will feature. enjoy.

actually that's it.

more coming soon. pinky swear.

peace and cocktails.