30 August, 2011

wasted days and wasted nights...

Actually, I just liked the way that song sounded in my head, the days and nights weren't actually wasted!.

A few random thoughts and happenings to go with a collection of pics from the summer that was..as is still to be.

  • Why isn't sleeping naked as comfortable as it should be, or as it's made out to be? I can never get comfy when i'm nakey. Seriously.
  • Is it me or does all perfume sample page things in magazines smell that same?
  • Getting up before 8am sucks. My short summer vacation has ruined me.What you mean I can't start at 10am and finish at lunch time?
  • The beach is good for the soul.
  • Dispite a potentially shitty week last week (all mindset yo!) feeling pretty good. Understanding that I can't control what others say, do, think, feel etc. but I can control how I feel, say, do, think and react. I am the master of my own happiness.
  • Some friendships are worth more then others. Some are worth fighting for and others not so much.
  • You can only give people so many chances before you cut your losses, and move the hell on.
  • Getting my heart ready to be open.

    Thought coulds.
    Moscow Mules
    Saijo Station Toes
    batchroom/laundry mornings
    Maori Ninja
    Vacation nails
    Pixie Shrimp - WANT
    Tan lines, green pare'u, muscle.
    Inspiration book
    this happens when i'm stuck in the house sick for a week
    Troy and Abed
    soul searching at Karuga
    reflections of my mind
    Oh, and I am completly addicted to fruit ninja.
    Love. Heart. Peaceful. Mind.

23 August, 2011

back to what you know...

It's been a while. sorry. kinda.

I've hit a road block I think? I've been meaning to write, post, share and all that jazz but haven't actually done it. I think I may be overwhelmed with so much info and pictures that I just have no idea of how to organise it and present it on the blog in a way that I would be happy with. That's my OCD side coming out, which doesn't happen too often. Don't believe me? Neither do I....

This is what's been happening in my life for the last month-ish...
  • Said goodbye to some friends who are off back to their respective home countries and said hello to all the new arrivals, fresh (well actually very sweaty) faced and eager to start their Japanese adventures.
  • Watched movies with friends while eating pizza, paella and other various treats and alcoholic beverages.
  • Watched fireworks with friends but not actually seeing much of the fireworks because we sat in the wrong place.
Kissing Shadows

  • Drank beer and umeshu with teachers at a beer garden and unexpectedly had a really, really good time.
  • Haven't been to the gym at all.
  • Performed for two days in Osaka and had the best fun with the whanau, especially with Master at the New Zealand bar.
  • Got sick with a fever and a summer cold upon arrival home from Osaka - a mixture of air con/no air con/air con/no air con, singing my heart out and all my recent travels catching up with me, and pretty much staying in bed and in my house for 1 week. Talk about cabin fever.
  • Beaching, swimming, tanning, drinking Hawaiian beer and eating locomoco, playing in the park after eating ice cream, going on a joy ride up a mountain only to turn around almost at the top because it was getting scary and we saw an inoshishi (wild boar) just hanging out in front of the car on the road and the clouds were rolling down the mountain. yeah.
  • Having a ladies night with some teachers drinking umeshu, eating shabushabu and talking about the single male teachers in our office...
  • Making tiramisu.
  • Playing Ninja Maori in Iwakuni and loving it.
  • Eating Mexican food, drinking a pitcher of margaritas and having my car locked in the parking area for the night, waiting for the bus that would never come only to be rescued (unexpectedly) by the the nosed crusader and his gangster banging sounds.
  • Got my hair did - new colour, dyed eyebrows and my bangs straight permed.
  • And in between all of that, kind of working (well sitting in the board of education doing nothing), taking 3 hour long lunch breaks - eating sushi, playing taiko, taking purikura pictures, hanging out in hip hop shops and playing hanging with friends on my iphone with Mr. New York come Australian.
So, where am I going with all of this? Not sure actually.

Well, I will be taking a big long break from my life. I really need to chill out, calm down, not feel like I need to be doing something, or seeing someone all the time and just enjoy spending time out at home by myself. If I do too much and don't give myself any downtime, or time to recover, rejuvenate and relax then I am just going to get sick again, and be stressed out. And who am I kidding, I'll get angry beaver. For reals.

Some things I want to try and do (more like I feel like I need to do them)..

- get off the technology buzz...put down my iphone and read a book. I've noticed of late that I can't just sit still and focus, I'm always on the computer or watching TV while playing around on my phone - even though there is really nothing to do on my phone. I haven't read a book in ages, and I LOVE reading. Something is clearly wrong with that picture. Remedy is for at home - only use my iphone for calls and texts (and photos) - no games or Internet.
- go to the gym at least three times per week. I haven't been because I have been sick, but now that I am better I will be going back!
- take a moment out of everyday to acknowledge one (or more) thing(s) that I am grateful for. Remember to appreciate everything in life, the small things and the big things and that all of these things add up to who I am or who I want to be.
- start on my inspiration book again. It feels like forever since I worked on it, and I love making it. So it makes me happy and it's letting my get in touch with my creative side so I'm doing it.
- make more of an effort with my fashion and attempt to post some outfits up on the blog!
- stop drinking (read relying on) redbull (to get me through) everyday.

Dayyyymmm that's quite a list. So much for a quick post. Little bit going on in the noggin, so all of this is better out then in, and it gives me a bit more space to breathe.

Oh yeah and I went on a mini online shopping spree while quietly freaking out about my wardrobe.

Quietly (actually not so quiet, pretty damned excited and loud - hysterical almost) excited about the 3rd.

relax. caaaalm it down. and chill the hell out.