18 July, 2012


とうかさん (or toukasan) is held on the first Saturday in June. It's an event unique to Hiroshima and it marks the official start of wearing yukata for the summer season. Yukata are the summer version of kimono - although they are still super hot!

A group of friends & I got all gussied up in our Yakata (I had mine specially made, Japanese sizes and me don't agree) and headed on out to a beer garden for eat, drink & drink some more.

Great night, beautiful yukata and wonderful friends. What more could you ask for?


07 July, 2012

It's already July?!

June came and went with a flurry of activity, being super busy, not going to the gym & studying my ass off for my Japanese test last weekend. Now that's all done, I'll try and update you soon.

With July and a 1 year anniversary tomorrow that's probably best left forgotten comes freshness & a clean slate!

So begins my one (or two, or three) a day series. My life, according to me and my phone.

Today. Rain. Thunder. Lightning. I have never experienced a thunderstorm like today before. Driving home, running into the supermarket and loosing a sandal in the way, the lights going off in the supermarket when the lightning struck the roof, getting home and lying on the couch with the curtains open watching the lightning light up the sky. It was amazing.

I guess the pouring rain today was fitting. Clean slate after all!