05 May, 2011

baby i'm back.

i'm back...well almost.

re-thinking my blog purpose and in need of an overhaul (the blog not me - well maybe me too).

so, changes ahoy- with a wooden leg and parrot on my shoulder.

in the mean time, some things i'm looking forward to..
  • the warmer weather, finally it's not freezing like all the diggity time, and i can paint my toenails different colours and wear sandals and jandels
  • finishing my week and half of holidays relaxing in and around home
  • having more curly hair days in preparation for summer when i can't straighten it anymore
  • enjoying the last few weeks (dare i say months) of my hair staying straight after i straighten it
  • watching copious amounts of tv
  • reading all 90 of the magazines i brought when i was on base
  • playing touch in the late spring sun and getting my black (ok very red and perhaps slightly tan) on
  • summer beer, cocktails in a can and the beach
  • wearing my new H&M purchases.
i'm on a 90's (early 00's) female R&B nostalgia buzz right now, feasting my ears on these...

Lauren Hill - Sweetest thing
Shola Ama - Need somebody
Brandy - I wanna be down
TLC - Diggin on you
Taiana Ali - Knock me out
Blaque - 808
Tamia - Officially missing you
Aaliyah - Rock the boat
Destinys Child - Say my name
Mariah Carey - Dreamlover
SWV- Right here (human nature)

peace and 90's hair.

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