23 June, 2011

Did you get a perm?

Day três.

It's hot. Too hot. (not the Coolio song either). Third summer in Japan and I can safely say I hate it. Actually I could have honestly said that after the first one. It's not a nice hot, it's a sweaty, humid, no aircon anywhere kind of hot.

This is turning into a complaining post. Sorry. Actually not really. Deal.

Two pictures today.

Goodbye straight hair

Hello curly (all day, every day).
Even if I try, the humidity wins every time. sucky.

Let's get positive now. Things I like (dare I say love) about summer in Japan....
  • kids go on summer vacation, so I can take more time off and spend less time at school and more doing different things and starting work later and finishing earlier
  • beer gardens
  • summer fruit - peaches and watermelon
  • making homemade umeshu (plum wine)..expect a post about that soon
  • hopefully getting a tan of some description
That's kind of a sad list, hopefully by the end of this summer I'll have more fun things to add.

Jerry Curl and perm out.

(and no I didn't get a perm, curly is my natural).

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