20 July, 2011

chick, chick, chick...BOOM.

Whereabouts and whatsabouts.

Long weekend in Osaka and Kyoto.

Ate delicious food, drank wine, soy vanilla frappaccinos and too many red bulls, shopped at H&M and saw and did lots. Loved some, day dreamed some about things that could be, laughed lots and enjoyed all of it.

ferris wheel where daydreams are made.
Things I'm doing this week..

Unpacking my bag from my long Osaka weekend, washing my smoke smelling clothes (smoking room at the hotel - booking mistake & it the hotel was fully booked..urgh), detoxing my skin from over air conditioned aforementioned smokey hotel room and then repacking it all for weekend in Tokyo.

Going to the gym and getting butterflies and hugs. Hey boo..

Watching Americas Next Top Model season 14 - in New Zealand.

Trying on outfits for my big Tokyo weekend, beach, shopping and practicing.

Practicing for our performance in 3 weeks.

Trying to be more relaxed and honest to myself, thinking about my actions and reactions and how they affect me and those around me and remembering to do what makes me happy.

Shapeshifter & Ladi 6. When I return.

daydreams and pieces of me.

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