19 October, 2011

Getting Jerk on it..

Shiiizzzaaammmm, two posts in one day! Looks like I'm making up for lost time!

A few weeks ago, me and LL decided to head into the city for dinner. On the train ride into the city we were thinking about places to go and eat, but nothing we came up with really tickled our fancy...and well we always just go to our same old favourite places.

Anyway, after an unsuccessful attempt to find somewhere while searching goolge on my iphone we went into the ticket office once we got to the station and grabbed an English map of fun things to do in the city -we really, really looked like tourists, I almost felt like Joey from friends when he "gets into" the map when they are in London...

So we have a quick skim over the little blurbs written about some of the restaurants they recommended, and decide to make our decision once on the tram. We decide on Jamaican. The restaurant was a little out of the way (but it really wasn't!) just not our usual neck of the woods, we get off the tram a stop too early, so we casually wander down the street (with my google maps open on my iphone as well as the actual map) and are pleasantly surprised at how many funky little cafes, wine bars and restaurants there are in this part of town (again not actually that far away from our usual). So we eventually find Jerk Kitchen.

obligatory posey shots!

then we got gangster on it...hot

had to get the jerk chicken and then the jerk pork

and gratin and shrimp fried rice
So overall it was really, really good! We'll be back. It's nice to have a new place to add to our list of favs. Oh the drinks were ah.may.zing too! I forgot to take a pic, but daymn they were delish! LL got a rum and coke and I got my standard Moscow Mule, pretty laid back but gosh darn he made them taste amazing - FO REAL!

Jah, one love, poice.

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