05 February, 2012

Doing the pretty girl rock

Yesterday was a beautiful Spring day...even though it's the middle of Winter. It was sunny, the sky was blue & dare I say even a little warm.

Something about yesterday made me get out of bed feeling pretty & doing the pretty girl rock!

I had a whole bunch of errands to do before heading out to Big J's house for Mexican. So I did my hair, put my face on and even stuck on eyelashes.

I pretty girl rocked my way to the coin laundry, around the supermarket looking for avocados (& got several look backs from a cute guy...who was with his gf), got last minute supplies from the 100 yen store before coming home and getting my domestic goddess on.

Yesterday was good, happy, positive & pretty. Do what makes you happy and feel pretty...even if it is only to run errands.

Keri Hilson knows what's up! I love her Diana Ross and those eyelashes...giiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiirrrrlll!

Poice & Pretty.

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