02 February, 2012

Happiness in the form of a hot bath on a cold morning

Today I woke up at my alarm to turn the heater on. I usually turn the heater on and then sleep for another hour before I actually get up.

This morning I woke up (after a particularly horrible dream about some parasitic fish things in a swimming pool...not important but so horrifying!) to turn the heater on, then then smuggled back down in my blankets but sleep eluded me (I was surprised too, I hate mornings..especially cold ones!). Anyway, I decided I would run a bath instead of having a shower. Best idea ever.

I even had time to "do" my hair, take my time putting on my makeup and getting dressed AND make a smoothie to drink while watching an episode of the middle. I never have time for breakfast...let alone time to turn on the computer and watch something! Feels good!

Today has started out right. I'm happy, positive and looking forward to things to come.

Running tonight with Ken for the first time. This plus size Barbie is gonna がんばろう!!

Poice & Nike Shox

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