25 February, 2012

Warm fuzzies?

I was supposed to craft today, well that was my plan. Turned out I didn't. I've realized I need to get up a little earlier on the weekend, even though I didn't craft I was quite productive.

Watched my students do a taiko performance, sushi lunched with T-boo boo, shopped a little (found lots of inspiring crafty things) bathed in a delish bath bomb from lush and found some fun new blogs to read.

I'm now tucked up on the couch with a runny/blocked right nostril, lump in my neck (lymph node?!), sore throat and am semi buzzed from one can of umeshu.

This week has been good. It's put a lot of things into perspective and made me focus more on me and what I need/want, as well as what's good for me.

I've enjoyed (actually I'm still a little undecided on this...I'd like to think that I am...) spending time alone. It's given me time to think about a whole lot of things and made me wake up to a few realities.

As much as I have enjoyed (or have I?) spending alone time, I always enjoy spending time with my lovelies. Dinner with LL and MM (seriously those are both their initials!) was lovely and I heart them. Aaaand I got xmas goodies from LL's xmas visit to England (see pic!) How lucky am I? I got English presents from LL and Korean presents from MM! WIN!

Oh, and side note- I've been domestic goddessing like a bawse this week.

New mission? Find a new boy.

Change is a good thing. It can bring pleasant unexpected surprises...like a new karaoke song!

midweek starbucks (& Japanese lesson)
my students performing Taiko
dinner with LL & MM
the cutest gift (amongst chocolate treats) from LL #thankyou
just coz. i feel sexy biarches.
lush bath bomb aptly named sexy dynamite. see above sexy leg pic.
supposed crafty..

Always wanting more, he'll leave you longing for..♪

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