04 March, 2012

A fresh start...

Fresh starts are great. I've been trying so hard to forget things, not do certain things, and it's been draining. I've been trying to suppress feelings when instead maybe I feel like I should just let them all out?

So I'm starting new. Getting rid of the old, angry, sad and negative and making room for light, happiness, new things and positivity and I will embrace however and whatever I need to do to get where I want to be in my life and what I want. If that means crying in my room for a day (but I'm not a cryer so that's probably not going to happen) then so be it, because if at the end of it all I feel better and have made space for the new then that's what is most important. Embracing the journey as well as the destination. And remembering all the lessons learned along the way.

So I'm starting fresh with a new hair cut & freshly dyed eyebrows.

And the biggest loser starts tomorrow.

Things can only get better from here, and I'm looking forward to things to come.


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