28 March, 2012

Going Curly

A friend gave me this book to borrow...it's an interesting read.

I have curly hair, I think it's from my Portuguese side. Both my parents have straight hair and when I was growing up my mum had no idea about curly hair or how to deal with it, neither did I. Too many bad hair days to count...including curly bangs...i.e. a fluffy ball of hair at the front of my head. The hairdresser that allowed that to happen should be banned from the hairdressing profession.

I started straightening my hair when I was high school coz it was "prettier". I've been straightening ever since.

My current routine is full on wash, condition, deep treatment, blow dry & then flat iron straight maybe every three days. This whole process takes over an hour. And depending on if I've worked out extra hard at the gym and it's too sweaty or if I've been out and it smells of smoke - I'll do this whole process again.

So, I think I'm going to challenge myself to "go natural" and embrace my curls. I was talking with a colleague and she asked if I had dyed my hair, which I had, and my eyebrows and I was wearing colored contacts (for sight & cosmetic value) as well as my usual daily makeup. It make me think about how much I actually "change" my appearance. Food for thought totally.

So I'm gonna try it out and see how it goes...I'll keep you updated!!


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