19 April, 2012

Kobe Catchups

Went to Kobe a few weekends ago for Springrove.

Was mildly excited (only mildly because I didn't really know any of the bands except LMFAO, and I wasn't too fussed about them) however it was great! LMFAO can put on a show - hot diggity! And Japanese bitches be crazy! Pushing, shoving & almost punches...a drastic change from the polite, respectful and quiet girls at the Ne-Yo concert!

Aaaaand I have a new obsession with a Korean boy band, BIGBANG. I had never heard of them before seeing them at the concert (they were the headliners - ahead if LMFAO!) and they were awesome! Just what a boy band should be, great songs sung by cute guys who can dance!

Now I know why my friends are obsessed with Korea!


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