18 December, 2012

Feeling like Christmas..

Went to the city tonight to do some last minute Christmas shopping, I also wanted to check out the Xmas illuminations. I thought about going on the weekend but lack of funds & rain kept me inside baking and watching a couple of new tv shows I found - switched at birth & the new normal.

Went to the new Don Quijote tonight and it's amazing! It's so much bigger and nicer then the one in Shibuya (where I first fell in love with the shop) and I found so many amaze things!!

Armed with my shopping I stopped at Starbucks to get a gingerbread latte and enjoyed a little flirting from the guy serving me - him complementing my Japanese skills and striking up a cute conversation, then I headed out to Peace Boulevard to check out the illuminations. They were great, and it was nice to walk around with my beats playing in my ear, sipping my latte and watching all the families, friends & couples enjoying the lights (oh & the creepy guy who set up a tripod and was taking pics of a doll in front of the displays....?!).

Warm Xmas fuzzies & fairy lights

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