03 February, 2013

Nails of the week plus some

Pretty, bright nails that make me smile every time I look at them!

I did them while I was in the car waiting for my laundry to dry @ the cleaners.

I've been using the same colors for a while - I just love them so much. I put a little sparkly twist on this weeks.

The pink is by Skin Food, Pedicure Vita range - #8 Strawl Hot.

The nude is a Japanese brand Eternal Basic - Romance Luxury range & the color is ENL404 Romance Brown.

On the top of the nude brown I put a new one I picked up at Skinfood - Sparkle Gold (pedicure sparkle range).

What I'm watching this week:

Beside my usuals - Modern Family, New Girl, The New Normal etc. I've started watching Real Hollywood Husbands with Kevin Hart, Second Generation Wayans & I have no idea how I missed it but catching up on season 5 of Californication!

Kisses & sparkles

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