03 March, 2013


Saying goodbye is never easy.

I had my last classes with my favorite 3rd graders (3rd year Junior High) and I can't believe how emotional I feel about it. I've taught these kids for the last four years and within this last year I've really gotten to know and love them - even with the language barrier.

I didn't realize how much of an impact these kids have had on me and my time in Japan. I'm so happy that they are graduating on going on to high school, but i'm extremely sad that they won't be at my school anymore to greet me with all the slag I taught them, talk smack, joke about everything under the sun, rag on other teachers, shower me with compliments to get stickers, make me smile with their smiles and laughter and their enthusiasm in my classes

We had such fun in our last classes together, it almost made it harder to say goodbye. Hands down they were the most fun we've had all year.

Oh my heart!!

Hearts and kisses

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