07 April, 2013

Round up

In a walnut shell or maybe in a peanut shell…

Said my final goodbyes to my favourite students and gave them their presents – blinging earrings and mixed tape Cd's. It was emotional and happy and sad and everything in between. They cried, I cried when I saw them all crying as they walked out the gym after the ceremony and everyone else in the gym probably cried – well maybe not everyone.

Forced myself to go to the teachers’ party the night after graduation, surprisingly I enjoyed it. It was very “Japanese” and it’s always interesting if not a little strange to see how they interact in these structured and formalised social situations.

Started the 30 (actually 35) days of fitness challenge. Decided that I really need to get more active (although I think I’m pretty active anyway) and change the way I eat – cue more homemade healthy dinners (not too much of a stretch as I cook most nights anyway) and stop snacking. I think snacking will be my biggest problem. And ice cream. Gosh the ice cream. So a group of us will meet once a week and workout – we are doing boxing and kickboxing training and then a quick circuit after that. Some of us are also not eating any fried foods, no fizzy and I’ve said no to ice cream. I’ll be using all the will power I possess.

Walked out of school on Monday before lunch with a migraine and throwey uppey stomach. Went home, showered, hopped into bed and fell asleep dribbling while watching Harry Potter. Woke up feeling much better, and even managed to clean the house a little. Sometimes you just need to chill out, take a break and have a sleep. After an emotional and busy-ish weekend I just needed some “me” time.

Counting calories is time consuming.

Japanese marshmallows are more delicious then NZ ones.

Thankful that Winter is pretty much wearing itself out and the days are getting warmer and the sun is staying in the sky for longer. Spring, my dry skin and lips thank you. My house is not so cold anymore, the frost on my windscreen is pretty much gone and I don’t have to wear a down jacket every day. I’m excited for cherry blossoms, wearing short shorts, having the windows and doors open all the time and going off exploring in the balmy air. 

hugs and hearts and blossoms galore

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