10 June, 2013

It's a weekend thang

Just like the Koffee Brown song!

The majority of this weekend was spent at home on the couch and in bed, and I don't feel guilty (ok maybe a little guilty).

I still feel like I haven't caught up on rest and sleep from my crazy busy May. The emotional stress of realizing that I am actually leaving and I have to pack up my house coupled with the ongoing drama saga that is TM isn't helping. 

Friday night after koto practice I balled out (hah ok I went to basketball) and actually played pretty well then had some delicious ramen with

Saturday was spent in, catching up in Game of Thrones - I'm almost caught up, almost! Cleaning the house and then getting ready to go to the city for Tokasan - a Hiroshima festival that marks the start of the summer season and the first official festival to wear yukata. Went to the city donned my yukata with the help of a friend and then we drank and ate ourselves almost silly at a beer garden followed by some delicious matsuri food - candied strawberries freshly dipped and I felt in the mood for some character castella - mochiron Kitty and Doraemon! Had fun taking pics on my instax polaroid camera, purikura'd and then caught the last train home.

Sunday was spent sleeping till lunch time. I had big plans for Sunday - clean the house some more, take the car to get cleaned, continue packing. What I acutally did was lie on the couch with a massive headache and watch Game of Thrones, skype LL and get the best news that her and the Baller B are engaged! Although she tells me they won't have a wedding - me and MM will change her mind! Skype my maegami twinsie and plot our mischief for when I return - and get a new fav TV show - hello Braxton Family Values...Kardashians who? Made it out of the house to take the rubbish out and to the supermarket and managed to cooked delicious pumpkin and salmon risotto (with left overs for two more dinners!).

I didn't get too much done, but I did have a really nice relaxing weekend.

Getting my yukata ready for tokasan.
Beer garden delights.

Streetcar cuties.

Big eyes and flawless skin - tokasan purikura love.

Strawberries with a fresh coat of candy.

No matsuri is complete with out Kitty and Doraemon castella!

Mitsukoshi beer garden on a beautiful Hiroshima summers night.

blurred lines
ramen. ate. delicious.

Friday night basketball selfies. We are totes cool.

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