20 June, 2013

Summer Love

Last week had me wondering where the heck rainy season was, now I know where it is, as I sit on my couch and type this on a Thursday morning home from school because all classes are cancelled due to a heavy rain warning.

Last Thursday and Friday was so hot and I was stuck at school with no air con (I will rant about this later, promise!!) all I could do was drink peach ice tea (silver linings!) and dream about the beach, or a swimming pool or another body of water I could submerge myself in! So made plans to head to the beach on Saturday...until it decided to rain all day.

Friday night was sushi night with Tom boo boo. I always heart sushi night - the best sushi in Hiroshima, followed by a little ice cream at Baskin Robins (or 31 if you please) and then a game or two of taiko in the game center.

Saturday was a major bust on the beach plans front, so I spent it sleeping in then starting to sort though all my stuff and packing up the first box to send home. Braved the traffic to head into town to pick up a birthday cake and then headed to an izakaya for a friends birthday dinner. After dinner I drove into the city to meet a friend who was in town for the weekend for a drink, was great to catch up - had been almost two years! Got home at about 2.30am (wowzers what a raver!) but couldn't sleep so watched an episode of Braxton family values..I think I'm addicted!

I slept in again on Sunday but was woken by the beautiful sunlight streaming through the windows. So got up, jumped in the car and headed to the beach. It was AMAZING! The first beach session of the year, lying on the sand reading gossip mags that my parents bought over, drinking 7/11 coffee in big cups of ice, swimming in the beautifully clear (and still a little chilly) water and getting a massive sunburn on my back - that will teach me not to put sunscreen all over oh and eating delicious suika bars in the car on the way home.

Wonderfully relaxing, productive and fun weekend. Now the rain has arrived, but I'm grateful for the day off to sit here and blog, watch movies (sister act 2 is currently playing), do little niggly things like send emails etc. and the cooler weather.

Izakaya food is delicious

Happy Birthday

This cake was like a cake with a custard filled crepe around it?! 

Driving into the city - spaghetti junction!

Beach panorama

I love my hair after swimming in the sea!

Selfies with Shino!

Addiction? Nah, I can stop anytime..honest.

Now I'm off to the 7/11 for a coffee and a big cup of ice!


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