06 December, 2010

all that glitters....

Ok well, maybe not all that glitters...i'm not really huge on glitter actually...but I love earrings. BIG earrings. BRIGHT earrings. Earrings that have PURPOSE!

So, my new (ok, not so new) thing, ok let's rephrase - todays new thing to talk about is wearing big earrings, I don't do small - it's either all or nothing.

Yeah..there are lots of pics of my face. Get used to that.

a pair of earrings for every occassion, outing, swimming, snorkeling (there is no pic here but it happened), playing with babies, posing....

and the conveniet place where my earrings are displayed.

(sadly half of the green pair - my favourite, is now lost somewhere at a ryoukan in Tokushima..)

Which brings me to my next favourite pair. My neice choose these, she was 6 at the time. She has great taste. Big earrings + hoodies = awesome style and comfort.

With every outfit there is always room for big earrings. (full stop - or period if you are so inclined).

Peace and dangles.

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