14 December, 2010

boom i'm on my way....boom i'm coming home...

(the title may or may not be paraphrased lyrics from a Ginuwine song).

In my inbox this morning, in my honor.

Made me laugh and made my day - all day.

Let's sweet mothers - all day.


Facebook, Entertainment Tonight, Campbell Live and Twitter are all reporting a recent rumor of a returning Kiko for the Xmas Season.

Deported to Japan last year in July/August-ish as a spy in Japanese schools, Kiko BOOM San of the Orphanage Kiko Base will be taking Land of the Long White Cloud leave. Due to her thorough investigation into the corruption of the origami paper company (that caused papers cuts) also being owned by the band-aid/plaster industry, Kikos gotsta lay low (like her disguise below).

On behalf of the Kiko’s collective I demand that you BELIEVE THE HYPE! In honor of a returning Kiko to the BIG 04 next week, there will be a Kiko’s Copious Amount of Kai for Christmas at Sweet Mothers Kitchen @ 6.30pm on Tuesday 21 December after work.

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