25 May, 2011

Finally it's happened to me, right in front of my face...

yay! finally an outfit post. and who would have thought two posts in one day! wow i'm on a roll...rolling on the river perhaps or surfing on the interweb.

i wore this outfit a while ago for a night out, i didn't get any full length pics on the actual night - there were enough pics however of everything but the outfit.

so this pic was the test run i sent to a friend to get the nod of approval.

black dress from glassons, red tights from farmers,
black cardi from glassons, black silk floral pumps #1 shoes
hat from japanese store.
a collection of pics from the night that was.fun.drunk.red. hat sharing. pic taking. facebook raping- toilet attacking.

peace and red riding tights.

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