05 June, 2011


Not necessarily flashing, but light and play of light and reflections obsess me sometimes. My main photographic tool is my iphone, and it takes some amazing pictures. So these are a random collection of iphone shots thus far.

oh and i'm super behind on posting the things i want to...I'm making a concerted effort to post more. less jibber jabber and more of the pictures.

375 Lawson sunset.

early morning peace park haka

early evening train sunset

early blossoms

river side

Kure Port sunset from 8th floor @ the hospital

M squared hanami blossoms

spring city skies

Hiroshima City flashing lights

Sanyo highway sunset traffic
and my favourite Kanye song to finish, she don't believe in shooting stars, but she believe in shoes and cars.

peace, love and light..s.

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