20 June, 2011

one photo. one day. one thousand words.

Well maybe not one thousand words.

Trying a new series, posting one pic a day that pretty much summed up me in that day. Something that moved me, something that excited me, something I liked, something that made me feel something. Let's try for 27 days. Why 27? It's my number.

Day um.

I have named this little guy Gary. For the past few weeks, pretty much every night he's been on my window when I go to close the curtains. I have had a quite a few encounters with Gary (or members of his family) over the past year or so....enough to think that maybe it's a sign. He's (I'm going to refer to all the geckos I have encountered as Gary or him) been in my house, once on the tatami just chilling, the second time he ran under my couch, both times he was captured and put outside. He recently came for a ride with me to school, I opened the boot of my car and he jumped out and off into the grass...and he chills on my window almost every night. I'm beginning to think of him as a kind of kaitiaki (guardian for all of you in versed in the native tounge of Aotearoa) he's always around and he eats bugs and I can't stand me some bugs and I've stopped freaking out every time I see him.

Today's feeling..comfort. Knowing that he was there, hopefully looking out for me. Signs...all about the signs.

one heart.

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