16 June, 2011

that girl is like a gun to my holster..

inspired. (not really). one day some guy is gonna quote that line about me, and I'll melt and think it's the most romantic thing ever. or he could sing it.
2nd outfit. Zara knit dress & black tights! So exciting.
Finally, I know! Another outfit post. And the purpose this was really for the hair! But i made a little bit of an effort with the outfit- kinda. So this was my second outfit of the day, the first was what I wore to work and well frankly that was not very stylish or blog worthy (my work outfits are so painfully boring and uninspired as to assimilate to my surrounds, although I still stick out like a sore thumb with big blue eyes and dyed hair - did I mention the only foreigner?!) so I changed into this for dinner with a friend. I love black. Obviously. Even though it's kinda boring it's such a comfy outfit, and the weather right now doesn't know what's up so it's a perfect in between! oh and I wore bangles with it!

So this is the real reason for this post....my hair! I watched Honey last night and I was inspired...it kinda worked, except my hair is naturally unruly and curly. It's the weather, it makes me lazy and not want to do my hair, and even when I do it never stays the same, urgh.

Gosh i love taking pics of myself, if you can't tell.
  This was the look I was trying to copy, I kinda got it. I did have ties to the side like her, you just can't see them under all that hair - I also had big earring too.

This is stuck on reply right now.
Peace and inspiration.

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