07 July, 2011


Random points of things about things.

Cold tea is delicious and fun. I don't mean tea that has gone cold, coz you made a cup and it's been sitting there forgotten and it got cold, I mean tea that is supposed to be brewed with cold water. Say wha'? So this is news to me, a teacher gave me some cold tea bags (citrus flavor) and they were good, so when I went to Muji to buy some pouches of curry for the pies I was making for dinner, I saw a whole display of these teabags...a whole display dedicated to cold teabags. Of course I brought some...in the apple & rosehip variety. There were other flavors like jasmine and earl grey, but they were expensive yo...next time I need curry.

Stickers are like totes the best fun. So as an incentive for my students I've been giving away stickers..this isn't news, but my older students are starting to get into it, which has prompted me to buy more and I'm remembering how much I used to love stickers! I had a little sticker album and I remember begging my dad to buy me "just one" packet of stickers, and how excited I was to go home and carefully transfer them to my album. Even just going though and looking at them was excited, there were furrys, and puffy ones, smelly ones and holograms..gosh so many! Stickers have gotten so much better, granted this is Japan, but I have had so much fun looking for stickers and using them on letters, in my diary and giving them to my students makes me realise that I still get enjoyment from them, so I won't be giving it up again any time soon! I will be looking for my sticker album when I go home at Christmas.

Remembering how much fun it was to mix vanilla ice cream with anything in the cupboard to give it flavor! Me and my cousins always did this, whoever did the shopping always got vanilla - kids don't like vanilla! We wanted chocolate, or neopolitan or hokey pokey, so we would mix the vanilla with coffee, milo, bornvita, milkshake flavor mix, cocoa...anything and it was fun trying to mix it in smooth- putting it in the microwave for 10 seconds if we couldn't wait for it to get soft on its own! What's the point you ask? I made plum cake earlier in the week, and well chocolate ice cream doesn't really go with plum cake, so I brought some vanilla ice cream to eat with it, there was a bit left over and no more plum cake (bad planning on my part) so I thought huuumm what can I mix with this (yeah I still don't like plain vanilla!)? Mixed it up with some coffee granules and I was away!

My desktop background is now a picture of Shibuya. That's how excited I am to go back to Tokyo.

Listening to Marsha Ambrosius's album is music for my soul. I feel like it's just for me.

I need to go to the gym this weekend.

I'm wearing a proper bra (and not my soft with company sleeping bra) for the first time in 4 days. My sunburn is finally healing and I can lift my arms above my head with out any pain. SUNSCREEN!

California pizza for dinner tonight.

California...king bed. If the guy in this video was in my Japanese single bed I'd be content.


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