05 July, 2011

It's over...

Happy Maori language week!

Toi tu te kupu, toi tu te mana, toi to te whanua.

So, I'm totally over the posting a pic everyday series. I feel like it was becoming a pain in posterior and i just haven't really had that much time to do a quality post, I don't wanna post just for postings sake. So quality over quantity wins this time - and hopefully forever.

So following the yellow brick road onwards, things I'm living, loving and doing right now..

i. Making plum cake. Apparently it's the season for plums, I'm not really a fan but a teacher gave me a bag so I made cake. My first attempt was average at best, second attempt however was better - great in fact. It was a classic victoria sponge recipe with plums added. 

Victoria Plum Cake.
ii. I tried a sample of L'Occitane shampoo and conditioner a while back and I fell in love with it, it smelt great and my hair looked really good, so when I went into the shop to find some i was a little surprised with the price, so today I ordered some on strawberrynet. Let's hope it gets here soon...oh and I got a free Stilla lip gloss with my order.
iii. Had a wonderful weekend, Friday night was date night and fried chicken and chips at Memphis oh with a Moscow mule, Saturday was a mini touch scrimmage with three other teams full of Japanese guys with ah.may.zing. legs and then a bbq on the beach just across the road. Drank some beer and some chu-his and some umeshu, cooked meat and yaki soba with the rugby boys, talked about small sausages and other "sexy" talk with them, swam, taught one of the rugby boys how to chat up a chick in English and then proceeded to fall in love with how cute he was at trying, oh and while all of this was going on I managed to get a massive sunburn on my shoulders, chest and neck...that's the last time I forget to wear sunscreen. Probably the worst burn I've ever had, blisters (well bubbles of fluid all over my shoulders), can't wear a bra or my bag on my shoulder coz it hurts so bad...nose has just started peeling - this is the end of day 3 massive sunburn 2011. Aloe vera from the fridge is probably the best thing ever.

iv. I have exactly 3 million itchy bites on my arms.

v. Weeds is back on and I'm loving it, and not like the McDonald's slogan coz I'm not loving that.

vi. Tokyo is two weekends away! and Kyoto is one weekend away! Excitement much?

vii. I've decided more effort is needed to cook (well......make salad) at home.

viii. Working the curly hair. Everyone at school is so surprised that I have curly hair..no I don't have a perm, I wouldn't pay for my hair to look like this!

ix. It's Maori language week, all my facebook statues and updates will be in te reo in some form. I will be posting more about that soon.

Let's have a ladeda day everyday!

Rongo (matane) ki waho.

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