30 August, 2011

wasted days and wasted nights...

Actually, I just liked the way that song sounded in my head, the days and nights weren't actually wasted!.

A few random thoughts and happenings to go with a collection of pics from the summer that was..as is still to be.

  • Why isn't sleeping naked as comfortable as it should be, or as it's made out to be? I can never get comfy when i'm nakey. Seriously.
  • Is it me or does all perfume sample page things in magazines smell that same?
  • Getting up before 8am sucks. My short summer vacation has ruined me.What you mean I can't start at 10am and finish at lunch time?
  • The beach is good for the soul.
  • Dispite a potentially shitty week last week (all mindset yo!) feeling pretty good. Understanding that I can't control what others say, do, think, feel etc. but I can control how I feel, say, do, think and react. I am the master of my own happiness.
  • Some friendships are worth more then others. Some are worth fighting for and others not so much.
  • You can only give people so many chances before you cut your losses, and move the hell on.
  • Getting my heart ready to be open.

    Thought coulds.
    Moscow Mules
    Saijo Station Toes
    batchroom/laundry mornings
    Maori Ninja
    Vacation nails
    Pixie Shrimp - WANT
    Tan lines, green pare'u, muscle.
    Inspiration book
    this happens when i'm stuck in the house sick for a week
    Troy and Abed
    soul searching at Karuga
    reflections of my mind
    Oh, and I am completly addicted to fruit ninja.
    Love. Heart. Peaceful. Mind.

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