17 November, 2011

Chola tales...

The last time I went to Tokyo I brought a long black wig for my Halloween costume thinking that I was totally going as Amy Winehouse.

I week before Halloween I was browsing over the blogs I regularly read and on one of them they had made a comment about Selena Gomez and her new Chola alter ego....I had no idea what a Chola was...once I saw a pic I knew, but I never knew they were called Cholas...talk about a sheltered NZ life!

SO when I saw the pic I googled and knew straight away that I had to be a Chola for Halloween.

I watched a tutorial on YouTube about how to conceal your eyebrows...that failed...

Got my fake nails ready...they were the key to the outfit I think (and I put them on, on the train to the city...straight baller right there!! It was soooo hard!)

Walking to the train station almost all in my costume!


A Chola Halloween.
I was totally inspired by Gwen Stefani's interpretation of a Chola in here Luxurious video. I remember seeing that clip when it first came out and getting my nails done like her!

Halloween was a really fun night...and we were in the taxi on our way home by 2am. Not a bad effort!!

Oh and as you can see I kept my real eyebrows!

Poice of pumpkin pie.
ex oh ex oh

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