21 November, 2011

Smiles + Laughter = Happiness

Things. Just more golden ramble of life now.

Autumn means persimmons. I have an abundance of gifted persimmons. So I made persimmon cookies. They taste like thanksgiving. They are delicious. I made more with the boy (he calls himself “cooking man”). He thinks they are delicious too. I’m happy about that.

I caught a cold. My nose is super blocked, and no matter how hard or how much I blow it, it still somehow manages to stay blocked and runny all at the same time. I can’t take any time off work so I am hanging out for Wednesday because it’s a public holiday and I can sleep in and wear trackpants and a hoodie. I also have to make more cookies for Wednesday’s Thanksgiving lunch with friends. There is no way I am missing Thanksgiving lunch where there is a real turkey. Do you realise how rare this is in Japan?!

New stationary and pens make me want to study more. I found some really cute new pens and all I want to do is write with them! I think it’s time for a pencil case clean out.

Sitting on the couch eating just baked cookies and chocolate with the boy is probably the best way I could have spent my Sunday afternoon.

I love painting my fingernails. I generally can’t have them painted when I am teaching at schools, but I painted them on the weekend and “forgot” to remove it last night oh well. I heart this colour. I posted about it over a year ago when I got it (a present from my lovely friend Miss Bax) and I still love it. Now the weather is changing and the days are getting gloomier and cold it’s fun to look at my bright super fun nails. They make me smile.

Scarves are amazing. I lost my favourite at last weekend somewhere before the Boyz II Men concert. My new purple one is my favourite substitute. It’s big and cosy and warm and it’s looks good with my mostly all black wardrobe. Watch this video on 25 different ways to wear a scarf!

Not my scarf, but BOYZ II MEN!!

Taking my washing to the coin laundry to dry is actually fun! I drank a caramel macchiato and read Marie Claire while I waited for it to dry. Surprisingly I really enjoyed it!

And one more pic for luck!

ex oh ex oh

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