02 December, 2012

Lazy Sunday

Spent pretty much all day in bed, and I don't feel guilty! I needed some chilled out me time just hanging around home doing nothing. I was a little productive and did my laundry - even left the house to take it to the dryers. Skyped my parents, cooked a delish dinner - burritos with homemade totillas, did my nails and spent a crazy amount of time reading random blogs!

This weeks nails - the brown is Romeo & Joliet by OPI and the gold is a Japanese brand pa and the color has the most exciting name - A16!

Somehow ending up looking like a convict for bed in two different types of black & white stripes..pajama pants from H&M and the top from Uniqlo oh and can't forget my super cute sheepy slippies!

And a little pic of the Kurose river and the sunset from my foray out of the house!!

hearts & kisses

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