05 December, 2012

Midweek randoms

Today was cold. Proper cold. Snow is coming cold. 

This winter is going to be my first full on winter in Japan - I usually sneak home to the southern hemisphere for three weeks over Christmas and New Years for some beautiful NZ summer time fun, but this year I'm staying put and the parents are coming to me...!

Just some things...
  • I've had some interesting comments this week at school. Yesterday I wore my hair different - mainly because I got up late and didn't have time to do anything (and my go-to kawaii bun on the top of my head wasn't sitting right) so I swept it all around to the side of my head and put it in a messy bun under my left ear...one teacher said I "look like an adult" - not sure if that was a compliment? The vice principal said that I had changed my image - um not really buddy. Although I was wearing my glasses too which I don't too often..? and then another teacher said my face was more angular and asked if i had lost some weight - she then said to the teacher next to her "must be all that running she does" as if I wasn't there...weird. That's the one thing I don't think I'll ever get used to in Japan - people talking openly about other peoples bodies and appearance, even if it's rude. Slightly nicer today - a group of older lady teachers said that my skin was looking really nice - young and fresh. That's a compliment I'll take! And I have to agree with them on that one - although the Japanese winter is extremely dry my skin seems to agree with it and the new toner and moisturizer i'm using from Muji. 
  • I have found the most delicious yogurt in all of Japan -Koku Rich. I was given a free pot after my 10km race and have been addicted ever since - which is better then my ice cream addiction which is on a hiatus due to these delicious bad boys. There are three flavors but I can only name two (my supermarket only stocks these two) - vanilla and banana maple, both of which are AMAZE.
  • I finally went for a run tonight, haven't been out in a few weeks and it was good. I ran 4km and I probably could have done more, but that was the perfect amount to get back into it. I also got to test out the gloves Train Man got me for my birthday - not bad! This was our conversation - TM: "I got you a present" (hands me the present) Me: "ohhh" TM: "So I know you like running (i'm thinking in my head I don't like running, but yes I run), and it's getting cold right? And your favorite color recently is pink (it's more of an orangey/pink but hey who am I to question 1. his English skills when they're better then my Japanese and 2. getting a present!) because you bought pink rugby boots ne? Aaaand you run with your phone deshou?" Me: "yeeeeeees, can I open it?" (I open it - black and pink Nike running gloves with the tips of the fingers in special material so I can still use my phone!) TM: "nice right? I have good taste and see I know you so well!" Yes he has good taste although I don't know how well he knows me...?
It's almost Friday!! 

hearts and kisses x

super yummo yogurt in vanilla 
rugging up to go for a run
this was on my run - my neighbourhood is awesome! 
heading out in my gloves from TM 

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