21 April, 2013

a week of busy

This week has been a flurry of activity, finally started back teaching at elementary school again and gosh it was good to actually do something at school then sit there and try not look bored out of my mind which I was the last few weeks. Although I don't generally like teaching elementary school kids, I have to admit it was nice to be back in the classroom. 

Week highlights and happiness...

- having a kamehameha photo shoot at touch practice 
- cooking pretty amazing (if I do say so myself!) dinners
- getting all my errands done in one afternoon (FINALLY sending LL's birthday/valentines present!)
- buying more plants - purple basil, lemon balm, mint and strawberries, and they make my house smell so good.
- using my parents arriving in one week as motivation to start sorting out everything I have accumulated over the past four years and cutting ties with clothing I don't need - two MASSIVE bags are filled beyond closing, one for the rubbish dump and one for the second hand shop...don't even get me started on the shoes.
- using said motivation to clean the house like a maniac - starting before 9am on a Sunday morning!!
- going to the newly opened Costco in Hiroshima and buying massive bags of frozen fruit, fresh fruit, bagels, liters of cranberry juice, salad greens, eating the most delish churros I have ever had (maybe it was so amazing because I haven't had one in a big long while?) and then realising in the car on the way home that I might not be able to fit everything into my freezer (after some jiggling and rearranging and putting everything into smaller bags, it all fit)!
- having yummo Chinese dinner with some teacher friends who gave me low down of all the goings on in our school office, and one of them gave me gifts from Korea, all cosmetic related - clearly she knows me too well! There was even a sneaky skin food nail polish in there in the most perfect pink (currently doing my nails with it!)
- dinner with friends, homemade pizza (AMAZING), tiramisu and Mario Kart.. I suck really bad at Mario Kart. 
- buying fresh flowers for my house.
- finally getting my eyebrows coloured (it had been a while) and my hair trimmed.
- going to physio for the first time in a month, and although it hurt like a bitch it was really good to get all the kinks out and work on the lingering problems.
- going for a run and accidentally stumbling upon two of my ex-students canoodling along a dark not so busy road (I run along there just for that, so my students rarely see me - I run at night) it was major awkies they were just as shocked and surprised as I was - I waved and sprinted past, up hill I might add and then to save any further awkwardness. I didn't want to come back the same way like I usually do so I had to find a new route, which was surprisingly really easy and it was a nicer and more interesting way to return. Sunday night running success!
- making strawberry and peach crumble with the frozen fruit I got from Costco. Delish!

The feeling of accomplishment and relief after getting all this done was great too! I'm super happy and content in bed as I type - this week was pretty daymn good! Here's to another good week to come - and the preparation for my parents arrival in 5-6 days!

hearts and awkward hugs

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