17 April, 2013

No moving mountains..but climbing them

Weekend recap

Keeping with my fitness challenge (as well as my resolution to "try new things or retry things you don't like because you actually are an adult whether you like it or not") I climbed a mountain on Saturday – it wasn't as hard as I thought it might be, although still challenging. The view from the top was STUNNING. I felt so calm and at peace there. Now I know why my friend regularly climbs (or sometimes drives) to the top - just to sit and be. It was truly beautiful. I’m so happy I decided to challenge myself this year, to do things I don’t like or didn't think I could. Without sounding too cheesy and cliche, hard work does pay off whether it climbing a mountain to be rewarded with an amazing view or studying like a maniac to get a good result on a test. Sushi was also a great choice of dinner on Saturday - even if we did have to wait for 30 minutes to get a seat. Mr Smiles was working. I tried to take a sneaky pic of him and his amazing smiles but didn't manage one - maybe next time. Mr. Smiles probably has the best smiles ever. He can't stop smiling and his smiles are the big broad kind that are always attached to his face. He's never without a smile. I just love him, just looking at him makes me smile and I leave feeling so happy and positive. I suppose what they say is true - smiles are contagious. 

Sunday was spent watching Downton Abbey, cleaning my ridiculously impossible to clean Japanese bathroom, doing laundry and keeping an eye on the weather app on my phone and constantly looking outside checking for rain – it finally arrived in the afternoon followed by an almighty thunder and lightening storm, procrastinating cleaning more of the house, playing on pintrest, making a smoothie that I am absolutely addicted to, doing my hair and painting my nails ready for the school week,soaking my muscles from yesterdays mountain climb and procrastinating doing the 30 day squat challenge – 110 of the suckers (yes I did them!) I will make this squat challenge my bitch.

Hearts and squats
Fitness Barbie

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