13 April, 2013

Nails of the weeks..

Lots of free time and no school for a week had me with pretty nails. They're now gold sparkly & red, but I forgot to take a pic before they started chipping.

Pondering my next mani...


  1. Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog!! I love your blog as well, I just subscribed! You are so lucky to live in Hiroshima, it's one of my favourite places in Japan. Tokyo may be more convenient to find stuff, but you can't beat the charm of Hiroshima- and the okonomiyaki....!!


    1. No problem, it's a pleasure - I've been following your blog for a while and love it! Thanks for your lovely comment too and subscribing!! I'm happy Hiroshima is one of your fav places - I do have to say I love it down here, especially the okonomiyaki!! Now I feel like okonomiyaki for lunch...