06 June, 2013

A couple of things..

I don't like rainy season. One minute it's raining the next it's sunny, then it's overcast and humid as shit. And with the rain comes all kinds of weird bugs..like the ones that hang around on my car in the mornings and then end up in my car or in my mouth and up my nose when running!

Here I was thinking I was looking super cute wearing my new pink & black flats at school. Turns out I'm giving off the sexy vibe. So many teachers have commented saying "sexy shoes ne". Um ok? When I think of pink I think of my neice and every other little girl who's favorite colour is pink - I definitely don't think sexy!! I talked to my Japanese tutor (a hip young masters student) & she said that it's fully a sexual colour. But my "soft" pink nails were cute. So now there's varying degrees of sexy & cute for different shades of pink? Colour me confused! When I told her that red is generally a colour I associate with sexy she said that in Japan red isn't - only if it's on your lips..? I suppose the pink=sexy thing might stem from the school girl fantasy? No idea but I'm sticking with my pink shoes! 

Sleeping in underwear and singlets is the best thing ever.

Why are Japanese men so freaking complicated? I should know better by now but the heart wants what the heart wants.

Iced tea soy lattes (yep that's what they're called) are far to delicious for their own good, and my wallet. Saving those for once a week.

When one of my co-workers wears his glasses....swoon!

Running does get easier, then harder and then easier. While running last night (my first non-stop 5km in a long while) I was thinking about when I first started running - I could barely run for one minute without stopping and feeling like I'm dying. Perseverance & the Nike + app I heart you!


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