05 June, 2013

This weeks happy..

Having some drama with TM so I need to remember and be grateful for all the things that make me happy.

Happiness is..
Fresh cut flowers around my house, scented candles, new shoes arriving on my doorstep and the wonderful that is COD (cash on delivery) my credit card thanks you! Finding a whole box of Prince of Wales tea - not just a few tea bag in a mixed box, but a WHOLE box! My cute new nail art supplies, sushi with lovelies, taking shameless purikura by myself to put in birthday cards (and I just love purikura!), coffee dates with my bitchy partner in crime who listens to my TM problems, eating Costco tiramisu from the principal at school with a cute new co-worker, fresh cherries and pear soda, indulging in season 7 of Keeping up with the Kardashians, reruns of Hotel Babylon, towels fresh from the drier.



  1. Love that list! Love the shoes! Love the nails! Great, great stuff!

    1. Thanks!! How great are the shoes?! Loving your purple nails too!